You will need to go to the local British embassy’s website for specific info and application forms. In the UK you must apply to the Identity and Passport Service. We can only help if you’re abroad.

Renewing or replacing a passport if you live abroad

You can renew or replace a passport at the nearest embassy or consulate. It usually takes around 4 weeks to issue a passport and you shouldn’t make travel plans during this time. If you are applying for your first British passport allow 6 weeks. You might also be asked to attend an interview at the embassy or consulate.

Lost or stolen passports

Please see the section on victims of crime if your passport has been stolen along with other possessions whilst you are abroad. 

You should report the theft of a passport to the local police so you can get a police report. You’ll need the report for insurance purposes and to obtain a replacement travel document from us. You should note that some police authorities will not issue a report for lost passports. In such cases we do not require a police report. 

If your passport is lost or stolen you should contact the nearest British embassy or consulate.

You’ll need to complete an LS01 form in order for your passport to be cancelled. Identity theft is a growing crime.  To protect your identity please bring or send this form to us as soon as possible.  You do not need to wait until you apply for a new passport.

Renewing your passport in the UK if you live abroad

You can renew, amend or replace your passport whilst you’re visiting the UK. You should apply to the Identity and Passport Service.

You’ll need to make an appointment, provide a verifiable residential address, and be able to attend any interviews as required by IPS. You’ll have to be available at this address so you can sign for the passport. Please note that IPS do not accept applications by post or email from abroad.

Replacement and emergency passports

We can issue you with a replacement travel document if you need to travel urgently. But we’ll need some verification of your identity and to be satisfied that you are a British national. You’ll also need to show us a police report and pay a fee.

This document may be an emergency passport valid for a single journey, a temporary one-year passport or a standard passport, depending on embassy facilities and your travel needs. We need to make checks before we can issue a passport and this may mean you have to delay your travel plans.

You’ll have to pay an extra fee if staff need to issue an emergency travel document outside of normal office hours. This starts at £121. You should also consider whether you need to obtain an exit visa from the local immigration authorities. Some countries do not issue such visas outside normal office hours.

Check with the local British embassy or consulate to see what services it offers. Local conditions mean that different passport services are available in different areas.

I’ve found my missing passport

If you reported your passport missing to the embassy or consulate and it later turns up you won’t be able to use it. You must send it to the nearest embassy or consulate, or to the Identity and Passport Service if you are in the UK. If you try to use it for travel or identification purposes you may be detained by the authorities.

Passport fees

Current application fees for renewing and replacing passports:

  • 32 page passport £119
  • 32 page child (under 16) passport £76
  • 48 page ‘jumbo’ passport £144
  • Emergency passport £55.50
  • Temporary passport £70.50

See the local British embassy website for fees in the local currency.  Fees are non-refundable even if your application is unsuccessful. .

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