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Copyright Guidance

We issue guidance to Government departments, agencies and all users of Crown copyright protected materials. This guidance is designed to guide, alert and advise on a range of copyright and access issues. We welcome as wide a dissemination of these guidance notes as possible and they may be copied and distributed without restriction, through newsletters, e-mail, notice boards, in training manuals, on websites and by various other means.

Current Guidance

Further guidance notes will be issued in due course. We recognise that many users have a particular interest in certain types of government material. We have aimed to make each guidance note as comprehensive and self contained as possible and inevitably this results in an element of duplication.

Where the material you wish to reproduce falls outside the scope of the guidance available you should apply for a copyright permission. To make an application to reproduce Crown copyright material or for Parliamentary copyright material please visit the Click-Use licences section.

If you have any queries or comments then let us know. In response to comments amend our guidance to make it as clear as possible.

We welcome comments on any other topics where departments, agencies and users would find guidance useful, please contact the OPSI Information Policy team.