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The Rt Hon Baroness Elizabeth Butler-Sloss, GBE,

sitting as Assistant Deputy Coroner for Inner West London,

in Court 36 of the Royal Courts of Justice

Directions Consequent upon hearing on 15th May 2007

  1. It is directed that Interested Persons should, by 4pm on 5th June 2007, comply with Direction (8) of the Directions made following the Hearing of 21st March 2007.  This Direction does not apply to Interested Persons who do not wish to make any allegation of wrongdoing in respect of the deaths.
  2. Where reference is made below to Operation Paget taking particular steps (as Coroner’s officers), it is understood that they shall use their best endeavours as soon as reasonably practicable.
  3. All information and disclosure to be provided under this protocol is only to be provided to those Interested Persons who have signed undertakings as to confidentiality as prescribed, and subject to the terms of those undertakings.
  4. In response to Schedules 1 and 2 appended to the letter of Barlow Lyde & Gilbert dated 4th May 2007 [‘the BLG letter’]:
    1. each expert instructed by Operation Paget (i.e. the authors of the reports contained in Appendix F to the Coroner’s Report; Professor Forrest; and Dr Shepherd) shall be given a copy of the schedules and shall provide missing references and missing source material in relation to questions raised concerning his report, in such form as is convenient to them by 5th June 2007.
    2. Operation Paget shall use its best endeavours to ensure that missing references and source material should be provided by other persons in respect of whose statements or reports questions are raised in the Schedules;
    3. those identified in Schedules 1 and 2 may refuse to answer questions on the basis that the questions are not properly directed to obtaining missing references or sources, or on the basis that they are otherwise unnecessary to enable experts instructed by the Interested Persons to report;
    4. those identified in Schedules 1 and 2 may where appropriate respond to questions by indicating that a matter requires no specific source or reference;
    5. if any of those identified in Schedules 1 and 2 requires further clarification of his responsibilities, he may seek that clarification from the Coroner.
  5. The Coroner intends to review Schedules 3 and 4 appended to the BLG letter, in co-operation with Operation Paget, and to indicate by 5th June 2007 whether the materials referred to have been provided.  If any material has not yet been provided, Operation Paget will use its best endeavours to ensure that that material is provided as soon as possible.
  6. Operation Paget will compile all Commissions Rogatoires prepared during the investigation and answers thereto.  The Coroner intends that she, or a person on her behalf, will review those documents to determine whether any should be disclosed to Interested Persons.
  7. Operation Paget will by 5th June 2007 provide to Interested Persons copies of such photographs taken by paparazzi and members of the emergency services at the scene of the collision as those Interested Persons shall request.  As regards photographs showing any image (or partial image) of one or more of the occupants of the Mercedes car, Operation Paget will first obscure those parts of photographs showing such images.
  8. The Treasury Solicitor is requested to file a note on the question of public interest immunity in advance of the next hearing.

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