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Lord Justice Scott Baker

Assistant Deputy Coroner of Inner West London

Directions following Pre-Inquest Hearing of 13th June 2007

  1. The venue for the inquests is to be Court 73 of the Royal Courts of Justice.
  2. The inquests are to start on 2nd October 2007.  It is estimated that the inquests are to last 4 months.  The maximum duration of the inquests is to be 6 months, subject to any further order.
  3. Operation Paget, acting as Coroner’s officers, will use their best endeavours to provide to Interested Persons by 2nd July 2007 schedules of statements and other evidential documents obtained in the course of their investigation (with summaries of contents).
  4. The Treasury Solicitor will provide to the Coroner’s Office:
    1. a bundle containing redacted copies of statements and one other document expressly referred to and relied upon in Chapter 16 of the Stevens / Crime Report;
    2. a redacted copy of the manuscript of Chapter 8 of a document entitled ‘I Spy’.
  5. The documents referred to under paragraph 4 above [‘the SIS documents’] are to be disclosed to each of the Interested Persons, subject to his/her existing undertakings as to confidentiality and subject to him/her signing an additional undertaking in the following terms: ‘I undertake that neither I nor my representatives will directly refer to the contents of the SIS documents in open Court unless the Coroner orders otherwise.’
  6. The Coroner, or appropriate counsel on his behalf, will review (i) the telegram communications between the SIS station in Paris and London between 14th July 1997 and 14th September 1997 and (ii) the file referred to as Operation Battle, with a view to considering the relevance of their contents.
  7. The following directions will apply to expert evidence.
    1. The Interested Persons will by 2nd July 2007 provide to the Coroner first reports of the experts instructed by them in the fields of toxicology, pathology and podiatry.
    2. Those experts will confer with experts in like discipline instructed on behalf of the Coroner, and will produce with them joint reports identifying areas of agreement and disagreement.  Those joint reports are to be provided to the Coroner by 30th July 2007.
    3. Any report by an expert in the field of photogrammetry will be provided to the Coroner by 2nd July 2007.
    4. The experts in road traffic issues instructed by the Coroner and the experts of Interested Persons (Mr Kinnen and Dr Searle) will by 2nd July 2007 discuss questions concerning the validity of the computer model and any questions which have arisen concerning methodology.
    5. Mr Kinnen and Dr Searle will by 30th July 2007 produce their first reports, setting out their provisional conclusions and areas for further inquiry.
  8. Subject to any further order, there will be further pre-inquest hearings on the following dates: 9th July 2007 and 20th July 2007.  The venue and time for each of those hearings will be notified by correspondence.

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