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Inquests Information

The inquests heard from 268 witnesses over 89 sitting days.

The statements of 57 witnesses were read, the remaining witnesses gave evidence live or by videolink.

74 witnesses gave evidence by videolink from the Palais de Justice in Paris.

Evidence was also taken by videolink from:

Marseille, France
Munich, Germany
Auckland, New Zealand
Sydney, Australia
Lagos, Nigeria
Nairobi, Kenya
Brasilia, Brazil

and from Miami, Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco in the United States.

The Coroner’s Legal Team were:


Ian Burnett, QC
Nicholas Hilliard, QC
Jonathan Hough


Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP, represented by:

Martin Smith (Partner)
Caroline McMann
Lowri Rees
Caroline Jaggard

The Coroner’s Administrative Team were:

Lee Hughes, CBE (Secretary to the Inquests)
Ann Gaffney (Administrative Secretary)
Thomas Foley (Legal Secretary)
Devika Gungadur (Office Manager)
Kathy Knox & Patricia Doyle (Personal Assistants to the Secretary)

The Jury Team were:

Roger Smith (Jury Manager)
June Lawrence, Eric Maltby and Sandra Riley (Ushers)

Media and website support was provided by the Judicial Communications Office:

Mike Wicksteed
Peter Farr
Darren Horsman
Carolyn Nesbitt
Andrew Tuff
David Wells
Elizabeth Ayres
Paul Monsarrat
Phil Golding
Oliver Jackson
Mathew Hall

IT and communications facilities were provided by RTS Communications.  Livenote facilities were provided by Merrill Legal Solutions.

The Coroner is grateful to the French authorities for the provision of the facilities in Paris and, in particular, to the examining Magistrates for their assistance with the taking of evidence.

In Paris, the Coroner was represented by:

Lee Hughes or Ann Gaffney
Laurent Guardelli of Field Fisher Waterhouse France
Pamela Hudson (UK Liaison Magistrate in Paris)
Marc l’Heureux and Katherine Bonneville (interpreters)

The Coroner is grateful to Lord Stevens and all the officers of Operation Paget for their work in their capacity as Coroner’s Officers.