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Welcome to the NHS Clinical Governance Support Team (CGST) website.

The Future of the CGST

Following lengthy consideration by the National Programmes Review Panel of the Office of Strategic Health Authorities (OHSA), the Panel decided that it did not believe it necessary for the work of the Clinical Governance Support Team (CGST) to be continued at a national level. In line with a general move in recent health policy, its view was that most of the functions currently undertaken by the CGST could be carried out more appropriately at a local level. We will close therefore, on 31st March 2008. As of the 1st April 2008 the Strategic Health Authorties will be responsible for clinical governance, a list of their websites and their appointed clinical/quality leads can been seen here.

All of the Team would like to thank those organisations and individuals we have worked with over the years for their commitment to quality and safety in healthcare - further improving patient and staff experience. This has been a continual source of inspiration to us.

The Future of the website www.cgsupport.nhs.uk

When the CGST closes, our 'live' website will effectively come to an end. You will be still be able to access www.cgsupport.nhs.uk but the site will no longer be updated. Please note that some content will become redundant over time. We will remove some material that is irrelevant post closure.

This site has been developed for healthcare professionals, and is a central resource to all things clinical governance. The CGST is here to provide information, guidance and to assist organisations in understanding and successfully implementing clinical governance.

The website is divided into 3 main areas:

What clinical governance is and clinical governance resources
What we do previous and current work, and a timeline of activities to date
Sharing clinical governance - your experiences and inquiries.
"What's New" Highlight

Update on Clinical Audit
The National Clinical Audit Programme is due to be reinvigorated after changes have been made at national level. See the press release (42KB) and presentation (143KB).

12 Mar 08
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