Professional Skills for Government

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What is the PSG competency framework?

The Professional Skills for Government (PSG) competency framework is a structured way of thinking about jobs and careers for Civil Service staff at all grades. It sets out the skills you need to do your job well as a member of the Civil Service, no matter what grade you are or where you work.

If you are at Grade 7 or equivalent, or at Senior Civil Service (SCS) pay bands 1 and 3, the framework sets out common skills requirements.

If you are below Grade 7, at the moment your department determines how the framework applies to you in line with its own skills needs. However, because there are many common skills required below Grade 7, Government Skills is currently extending the framework to include these grades.

By using the framework, you can find out:

  • the mix of skills and experience you should have in your current job, or
  • what skills you might need to gain to change role or seek promotion.

For more information about how the framework applies to you, ask your line manager or HR team.

The framework is an important part of the Skills Strategy for Government, designed to meet the current and future skills challenges of central government. More information is available on the Government Skills website. If you would like to learn more, please see Skills Strategy.

When should I use the framework?

You can seek opportunities to develop your skills at any time, but it makes sense to think about the framework in line with your appraisal cycle. Mid-year reviews, end-of-year appraisals and discussions of your objectives are all great times to look at what skills you have and what skills you need.

The framework is a valuable tool as you plan your Civil Service career. In the future, your opportunities will depend increasingly on your ability to demonstrate your skills. For example, by 2012 you must be able to meet the skills requirements set out in the framework in order to enter the SCS.