Committee on Standards in Public Life

Committee on Standards in Public Life

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Welcome to the Committee on Standards in Public Life  

The Committee was given wide terms of reference when it was established in October 1994. The following month Mr Major said of the Committee: "It is to act as a running authority of reference - almost you might say, an ethical workshop called in to do running repairs."

This aspect of the Committee's work was reaffirmed in January 2000 as part of the Cabinet Office's Quinquennial Review of the Committee, which concluded that there was a: "...continuing need to monitor the ethical environment and to respond to issues of concern, which may arise."

To fulfill this role and in addition to its formal inquiries, reports and research into public attitudes, the Committee devotes time throughout the year to discussing current issues and concerns relating to standards in public life. The Committee is always pleased to hear about possible areas for inquiry, but the remit of the Committee excludes investigation of individual allegations of misconduct. These considerations may, and sometimes do, result in a full-scale inquiry. Even where no inquiry is conducted, these are regarded by the Committee as a useful check on current standards and the effectiveness, or otherwise, of the arrangements in place to ensure the highest standards of propriety in public life.

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Committee on Standards in Public Life
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