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Policy Review

News, views and resources on the Government's policy review


Focus on Britain's role in the world

Prime Minister Tony Blair

  • PM's review process

We shouldn't allow fear to "close our minds or borders" to the opportunities of our interdependent world, Tony Blair said as he launched the third policy review paper.



PM introduction to the review

Prime Minister Tony Blair "The pace of change in the world is faster than ever"

Six main areas of the review

1)Public Services 2)Economic Dynamism

3)Environment & Energy 4)Britain in the World

5)The Role of the State 6)Security, Crime & Justice


Facing the future

Keyboard Find more background briefings to the review from the Cabinet Office

Taking Shape

Downing Street sign Who's who in Tony Blair's policy working groups

Question Jack Straw

The Rt Hon Jack Straw MP Take part in our webchat with the Leader of the House 14 May