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At 1 February 2007, DESO employed 466 staff, both civilian and military.   Over 200 of these work on Government-to-Government projects, the full costs of which are met by customer Governments.

DESO’s operating costs budget for 2006/07 was £51.438 million gross.   But once income from customer Governments is taken into account, DESO’s net operating cost budget was £15.972 million.

The Government’s target is to respond to 70% of standard export licence applications within 20 working days.   In 2006, 82% of applications were dealt with within that timescale.


The DESO Priority Markets in 2006/07 were:

Greece, India, Japan, Malaysia, Oman, Saudi Arabia and the United States of America

Over the period 2002-2006, the value of UK defence exports totalled £24 billion ($41 billion US) with an annual average of £5 billion ($8.5 billion US).

UK's average global market share in the period 2002-2006 was 20%, second only to the United States.

80% of UK defence exports are from the air sector, 12% from the land sector and 8% from the sea sector

The UK's top export destinations for defence equipment and services are Saudi Arabia and the United States.

UK defence exports have a 52% share of the market in the Middle East, a 50% share of the market in North America and a 9% share of the market in Europe.



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