FCO global network

We have 260 diplomatic posts in 145 countries – from large embassies to small consulates.

This global network is our biggest asset and tool for influence - we currently have:

  • 140 bilateral embassies and high commissions in capital cities
  • 101 consulates and other subordinate posts outside capitals
  • 10 permanent missions to multilateral organisations like the EU and UN.

Go to our full list of British embassies and diplomatic posts.

A flexible network for a changing world

Our network of embassies and posts must be flexible to meet changing demands of a globalised world.

For example, we’ve increased the numbers of staff we employ in India and China, and reduced staff in our European embassies where we can work directly with capitals from London and through Brussels.

A platform for UK Government

Our global network of embassies and posts provides a platform for the rest of UK Government to tackle some of the key issues affecting Britain today.

For example – our High Commission in Islamabad has staff from the Home OfficeMetropolitan Police, Department for Transport, Ministry of Defence and the Department for International Development.

Our staffs’ skills and expertise in languages and diplomacy can be essential for other UK Government departments to work effectively with their foreign counterparts.

The UK’s Overseas Territories

We’re responsible for the security and governance of the UK’s 14 Overseas Territories:

We work in partnership with the territories to:

  • promote security and good governance
  • strengthen democracy
  • improve public services
  • protect the environment
  • assist in an emergency
  • improve law enforcement.

Read more about our environmental projects on the overseas territories.

Our work

Examples of our environmental work on the Overseas Territories:

Far-flung conservation

The FCO in action map has all the latest case studies.

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FCO in action map

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