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Here you'll find news of our latest campaigns and road safety advice to keep everyone safer on the UK's roads. You can download our leaflets, factsheets and posters for more information and there are links to other sites you might find useful. (All 'external' links open in a new window.)


Mobilephones leaflet image

THINK! Mobile Phones Campaign

The new THINK! mobile phones campaign was launched on Friday 1st February.

The main objective of the campaign is to highlight the one year anniversary of the change in legislation whilst reminding drivers of the change in penalties (£60 fine and six points on licence).

Employers are also reminded that they can be prosecuted if they require employees to make or receive a call when driving. More>>>


CopyCat campaign poster

Another Big Win for THINK!

The THINK! road safety campaign has received further recognition for its highly innovative and creative approach. Our parents' campaign advertising, which was based on a 'copycat' approach scooped the award for the Best Newspaper Advert of 2007 at the Awards for National Newspaper Advertising.

In winning the award, we beat many leading private sector marketers and were praised for a piece of good thinking that was simply and memorably executed. The Chair of the judging panel commented:

"That as a anxious parent whose twenty something daughter copies his drinking habits and whose 18 month son echoes his careless oaths, I can vouch for the efficacy of this appeal to your inner adult".

While the Chair used humour in his remarks, the panel recognised that our approach evolved after detailed strategic research, which led us to the key insight to develop the CopyCat advertising.

While winning the award adds kudos, more fundamental is the effect on our target audience. Research among parents of children aged 4-11 indicated:

  • The ads made 54% of parents realise that they weren't setting a good example to their children on the road.
  • 91% will make them take more care when setting an example to their children.
  • 88% said it made them think again about road safety.


Drink Drive advert

THINK! Christmas Drink Drive Campaign

The Campaign launched on Friday 30 November. It aims to convince all drivers, with a particular focus on young male drivers aged 17-29 years, that a drink drive conviction has the potential to ruin their life by highlighting a mixture of the legal and personal consequences:

  • being caught & breathalysed by the police;
  • 12 month driving ban;
  • criminal record;
  • hefty fine;
  • lifestyle changes (i.e. potential loss of job, relationships or car).
  • more>>>


Still from Seat Belts Campaign TV Advert

THINK! Seat Belt Campaign

THINK! are re-running the 'Julie' Seat Belts TV Campaign from 5-18 November. The Campaign, which was originally aired in 1998, demonstrates the importance of wearing a seat belt in the back of a vehicle. It graphically shows that unbelted rear seat passengers can not only injure themselves, but can also kill other people in the car.

The advert was produced in response to a clear insight that younger passengers were more concerned about injuring others than themselves. More>>>


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