Tackling congestion on our roads

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Road congestion is one of the most serious transport problems we face as a country. It is bad for motorists, bad for business and bad for the environment.

Congestion poses a very real long-term economic threat. If left unchecked it could cost us an extra £22 billion in wasted time by 2025 in England alone.

Our strategy on congestion is clear. Our focus right now must be on addressing the congestion challenges we all recognise - clogged up cities and stop-start motorways - with measures we can get on with quickly.

That is why we have made funding available to tackle congestion in our cities through a whole package of measures that includes better buses, trams and cycling facilities as well as congestion charging.

On our motorways we are considering a range of traffic management tools including single tolled lanes where new capacity is being added.

It would be unwise to rule out national road pricing in the long term, but there are real practical issues which need to be overcome - such as personal privacy - which make it unrealistic to think of taking decisions in the next 5-6 years on whether or not to proceed.

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