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  1. Factsheet for passengers (EC) No.1107/2006

    Formal Government Response on Consultation on the enforcement of Regulation (EC) No.1107/2006 concerning the rights of disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility when travelling by air.

    05 July 2007
    Last update:
    28 February 2008
  2. DfT modelling results

    This describes how the DfT modelling facilities (NAPALM, also known as SPASM) were used to help inform views about i) passengers’ willingness to substitute between airports (including the size of the geographic markets surrounding Manchester and Stansted airports); and ii) shadow prices that might arise at Manchester and Stansted airports in the future (which might help to inform views about when the operators of these airports might acquire market power).

    25 February 2008
  3. Analysis of the third criterion

    This describes the advice from the CAA, respondents material and the analysis in relation to the third criterion. The decision document summarises the analysis and conclusions in this note.

    25 February 2008
  4. List of DfT regulated agents

    This is a list of aviation related agencies that are regulated by DfT.

    30 January 2006
    Last update:
    21 February 2008
  5. UK Airports where the one bag restriction will no longer apply from 7 January 2008

    The Department for Transport has approved new security arrangements at a number of airports in the UK. This means that at these airports the restriction previously imposed limiting hand baggage to one item per person will no longer apply with effect from 7 January 2008.

    28 December 2007
    Last update:
    18 February 2008
  6. Transport statistics

    Welcome to the statistics pages of the DfT website. The DfT collects, analyses and publishes a wide range of statistics covering all forms of transport.

  7. United Kingdom forward programme of possible bilateral air services talks

    Forward programme of possible bilateral air services talks as at January 2008.

    06 December 2007
    Last update:
    01 February 2008
  8. How the DfT works

    This section contains information on how the department is structured, the responsibilities of the affiliated agencies and the targets and objectives that have been determined by the Government.

  9. Public experiences of car sharing

    Introduction and complete pdf downloads, including data tables and questionnaire.

    24 January 2008
  10. List of Approved Security Providers

    List of DfT TRANSEC approved Aviation Security Providers.

    25 May 2006
    Last update:
    23 January 2008

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