DfT aims and objectives

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The Department for Transport's aim is transport that works for everyone. This means a transport system which balances the needs of the economy, the environment and society.

In support of this aim, the Department has four strategic objectives which focus on the core areas of its business:

  • to sustain economic growth and improved productivity through reliable and efficient transport networks
  • to improve the environmental performance of transport
  • to strengthen the safety and security of transport
  • to enhance access to jobs, services and social networks, including for the most disadvantaged

To achieve these objectives, the Department for Transport provides leadership across the transport sector, working with regional, local and private sector partners who deliver many of the services.  Its work is focused around six key tasks:

  • improving the current operation and capacity of transport networks and services, and providing better information for travellers
  • shaping the future pattern of demand for transport, including through land-use planning and appropriate pricing
  • tackling the environmental impacts of transport through pricing, regulation, technology, consumer information and promoting efficient use of resources
  • planning and managing investment programmes for the long-term
  • regulating and licensing certain transport services and operators
  • managing information and delivering services to support wider Government objectives

The Department strives to carry out its work effectively and efficiently, achieving value for money from its expenditure, as well as to be a good employer and to innovate in public service, management and delivery.

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