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  1. Smart moves

    This section contains Smart Moves magazine which promotes sustainable travel, bringing you the latest information about Travel Plan news and events. There are three editions published per year.

  2. Street Works Qualifications: Training and Accreditation Consultation

    This consultation deals with the revision of the Regulations covering the qualifications that are required by law to carry out, or supervise, works in the street. It focuses on the new requirement that those wanting to re-register are reassessed every 5 years and the introduction of two new qualifications for signing, lighting and guarding. These changes should help to improve the quality of work carried out and improve safety standards for workers and the public.

    Closing date:
    15 May 2008
  3. In-Service Vehicle Testing Programme 2005-06

    Research Report on the In-Service Emissions Testing of Light Duty Passenger Vehicles

    22 January 2008
  4. Directive 2003/20/EC: Use of seat belts and child restraints by child passengers on buses & coaches

    Consultation on the requirement for children under 14 years to wear seat belt on buses and coaches

    Closing date:
    30 November 2007
  5. Children

    Road safety materials for teachers: lesson plans, resource packs, and a teaching resource database.

    15 January 2004
    Last update:
    30 November 2007
  6. Understanding the travel aspirations, needs and behaviour of young adults

    Research following up respondents (aged 16 to 25) to the Department's National Travel Survey for in depth interview.

    20 November 2007
  7. Ten things you didn't know about shipping

    Shipping plays an important role in people's daily life.

    02 November 2005
    Last update:
    13 July 2007
  8. Travel in Urban and Rural areas factsheet (67 kb)

    This factsheet summarises findings on how personal travel patterns vary according to the type of area in which people live.

    12 July 2007
  9. Sustainable school travel database

    A catalogue of materials relating to sustainable travel, containing information to encourage greater use of walking, cycling, public transport and car sharing for school journeys.

    30 May 2007
  10. Grants for walking buses

    The purpose of the scheme is to provide support to schools that have made a commitment to reducing car use and increasing walking for journeys to school. The closing date for applications was 31 January 2007 and details of the successful schools were published on 26 March 2007.

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