How to find the information you need on this website

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There are several ways to find the information you want:


  • From the Homepage select a transport mode: air, rail, road or sea. This will give you a list of the 500 most recently published documents relating to that mode.
  • Then use the options in the left-hand navigation to narrow your results. The options are 'keyword' and 'publication date'.


  • There is a search facility that will search the whole site using the keywords you type into the search box. The search box is located in the top right corner of every page.

Advanced search

  • Enter keywords in the search box.
  • Then use the options to narrow your results.
  • Any number and combination of options can be applied or removed.

A-Z index

  • The A-Z index is acomprehensive directory of links to information provided on the site.


  • If you are not sure what sort of information you require, or just wantto browse around the site, use the top level navigation links located inthe green bar across the top of each page.
  • These are: Policy, guidance andresearch; Press office;Freedom of Information;Consultations; Transport for you.
  • The website has been slightly restructured to improve navigability bybrowsing. The majority of content can be found using familiar headings inthe Policy, guidance and research section.
  • Use the navigation links in the left hand panel of each page tonavigate through the contents of each section.

If you cannot find the information you need, have a particular problem onthe new site or want to report an error, please get in touch. Send an emailto the DfT Web Team a member of the team will get back to you as soon as they can. Pleaseremember to include your contact details as well as full details of theproblem including the relevant web address.

For related documents, pages and internet links, see the column on the right.