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The list below provides details of and links to documents that have been published on the DfT website. They may be of interest to you if you are disabled or you care for someone who is.

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  1. Draft Rail Vehicle Accessibility (Interoperable Rail System) Regulations

    Consultation on draft regulations required to prevent undesirable dual regulation of accessibility requirements on heavy rail vehicles following the introduction of a new European standard and the introduction of an end date by which time all rail vehicles must be accessible.

    Closing date:
    21 April 2008
  2. Factsheet for passengers (EC) No.1107/2006

    Formal Government Response on Consultation on the enforcement of Regulation (EC) No.1107/2006 concerning the rights of disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility when travelling by air.

    05 July 2007
    Last update:
    28 February 2008
  3. Street Works Qualifications: Training and Accreditation Consultation

    This consultation deals with the revision of the Regulations covering the qualifications that are required by law to carry out, or supervise, works in the street. It focuses on the new requirement that those wanting to re-register are reassessed every 5 years and the introduction of two new qualifications for signing, lighting and guarding. These changes should help to improve the quality of work carried out and improve safety standards for workers and the public.

    Closing date:
    15 May 2008
  4. What we have done

    Information on progress with the Blue Badge Scheme.

    19 January 2005
    Last update:
    19 February 2008
  5. Docklands Light Railway: Rail Vehicle Accessibility Regulations: exemption application

    Documents relating to an application by Docklands Light Railway to exempt new B2007 stock vehicles from specific requirements of the Rail Vehicle Accessibility Regulations.

  6. In-Service Vehicle Testing Programme 2005-06 (938 kb)

    Research Report on the In-Service Emissions Testing of Light Duty Passenger Vehicles

    04 February 2008
  7. Access for All Stations

    A list of railway stations to receive Access for All Main Schemes funding in the period 2012-2015, subject to a Network Rail feasibility study.

    10 April 2006
    Last update:
    31 January 2008
  8. Successful Small Schemes applications 2008/09 (53 kb)

    List of projects which will receive Access for All Small Schemes funding following successful bids in the application round for 2008/09.

    31 January 2008
  9. Blue Badge (Disabled Persons’ Parking) Scheme: Consultation Announcement

    Written statement to Parliament by Minister of State for Transport, Rosie Winterton.

    24 January 2008
  10. Background information

    Background information on Blue Badge Scheme.

    22 August 2005
    Last update:
    24 January 2008

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