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Documents held by the Department of Health on the safety of blood and blood products, 1970-1985

  • Last modified date:
    28 November 2007

In 2006 the Department commissioned a review of documents held between 1970-85 relating to blood safety, in order to identify those relating to non-A non-B hepatitis (NANBH). A review of the documents relating to NANBH was conducted and was issued on 22 May 2007, together with relevant documents.

The review identified some further 4000 documents relating to the safety of blood and blood products in these years, held in unregistered files. These mainly refer to the UK’s drive to achieve self-sufficiency in blood products, to the reorganisation of the Blood Products Laboratory, and to measures taken to safeguard the blood supply and blood products from contamination by HIV/AIDS, hepatitis and hepatitis B.

In view of the public interest in these documents, these documents have been prepared in line with the Freedom of Information Act with the aim of releasing as many as possible. The documents were issued at broadly monthly intervals from June-October 2007.

A further set of documents on safety of blood was returned to the Department in 2006 by a firm of private solicitors that had acted in litigation proceedings in the 1990s. These documents were put into the public domain in hard copy in late 2006 and are now available below, with an inventory to the documents.

Inventory of Volumes 1 -101

The first batch of documents, from DH files 1-20, was released on 15 June 2007.
Files 21-40 were released on 10 July 2007.
Files 41-60 were released on 1 August 2007.
Files 61-80 were released on 7 September 2007.
Files 81-101 were released on 26 October 2007.

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