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DCDC - Background

The background to the Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre (DCDC)

Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre, Shrivenham. Opens in a new window.

Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre (DCDC), Shrivenham

The DCDC was established as a result of the 1998 Strategic Defence Review which recognised that:

"We need to have a clearer long-term vision of the way in which we expect our forces and their methods of operation to develop. It is also essential that this a truly joint Service vision. We will therefore be creating a Joint Defence Centre as the focus for this work. In particular, it will be responsible for the development of Defence doctrine, providing the joint framework for more specific single-Service doctrine..."

Originally called the Joint Doctrine and Concepts Centre (JDCC), the name was changed to DCDC in April 2006 when the Centre expanded to become the Defence authority for doctrinal, conceptual and futures work, taking on extra environmental staff to reflect the needs of the individual Services.

The Centre maintains close relationships with the Permanent Joint Headquarters, the single-Service Warfare centres and the Defence Academy. We also work routinely with NATO, the European Union, the United nations and a wide range of nations. Other Government Departments and Non-governmental Organisations. More widely, we sustain an extensive programme of engagement with world-class academic institutions and personalities, as well as Industry, the Media and the general public