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About Defence

The DCDC is a Ministry of Defence think-tank, collocated with the Defence Academy at Shrivenham. It is headed by a two-star Serviceman and is a truly Joint establishment, with staff drawn from all three Armed Services and the Civil Service. Desk officers come from a wide variety of specialised backgrounds and combine their skills in project teams allocated through a system of matrix management - a collegiate approach designed to ensure a wide input into all projects.

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Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre (DCDC)


The DCDC provides the intellectual bases that inform coherent decisions in Defence policy, capability development and operations, both now and into the future.

Core Activities

To accomplish this the DCDC concentrates its efforts in six areas:

  • Concepts. The initiation, formulation and validation of concepts to shape coherent capability development - determining how we might wish to operate in the future
  • Doctrine. The development, articulation and dissemination of Joint doctrine, focused at the strategic and operational levels, that incorporates enduring principles and proven good practice established from experience gained on operations - providing a common framework of understanding 
  • Force Development. Determining the implications of UK Defence Policy for future military capabilities, planning assumptions and force structures - ensuring that policy and capability are coherent
  • Law. Ensuring UK Armed Forces legal compliance and sustaining a favourable legal environment for Defence activity and capability - acting within the law
  • Multi-agency Approach. The development, articulation and promotion of the Defence role in crises and conflict resolution as part of the multi-agency Comprehensive Approach - recognising that crisis management requires engagement across government to provide effective solutions
  • Strategic Trends. The provision of cross-dimensional analysis of the future context for Defence out to thirty years - looking at the future world environment in which our Armed Forces will have to operate


Latest Publications

Future Maritime Operational Concept 2007

- see DCDC Concepts Publications

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