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The Cabinet Office is at the centre of government, making government work better. This website brings together information from units in the Department.

Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) annual report

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The ISC is required by the Intelligence Services Act 1994 to produce an annual report on the discharge of its functions, which the Prime Minister is then responsible for laying before Parliament.

This report, and the Government's response to it, has now been published.

Phil Hope to champion East Midlands

Phil Hope MP

The Prime Minister has appointed Cabinet Office Minister Phil Hope as the new Minister for the East Midlands.

New Minister appointed to the Cabinet Office

Tom Watson MP

Following on from Gillian Merron's departure to the Department for International Development, Tom Watson MP has been appointed as new Parliamentary Secretary for the Cabinet Office.

Pre-appointment hearings by Select Committees

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Ed Miliband, Minister for the Cabinet Office, today wrote to the Liaison Committee setting out progress on a proposal in the Governance of Britain Green Paper to increase Parliamentary scrutiny of appointments to certain posts by way of pre-appointment hearings. The letter sets out the proposed list of appointments that should be subject to pre-appointment scrutiny and very much welcomes the views of the Committee.

Do you have a local hero?

Honours advert

Prime Minister Gordon Brown is calling on communities across the country to identify the local heroes who they believe should be honoured by the nation.

Cabinet Committees List released

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An updated Cabinet Committees list is available, the list shows that two new Cabinet Committees have been created, one on Health and Wellbeing and one on Africa.