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Science, Research and Statistics

The Home Office undertakes a huge range of research projects to inform policy and make the best use of new technologies. Most scientific work is controlled by the Science & Research Group. We aim to strengthen the strategic focus, co-ordination and quality assurance of science and research across the department.

  • http://www.homeoffice.gov.uk/rds/

    Research Development and Statistics (RDS) provides information that helps Ministers and policy makers make evidence-based decisions, and that also helps the police, probation service, the courts and immigration officials to do their jobs as effectively as possible. We maintain the various statistical services published by the Home Office, commission research and carry out research ourselves.

  • /hosdb/

    HOSDB is a unique team of scientists and engineers applying technology to the fight against crime. As well as counter-terrorism, our work ranges from developing methods for detecting fingerprints at scenes of crime to assisting the police in sensitive, covert surveillance operations

  • /animal-research/

    The Animals Scientific Procedures Division (ASPD) develops policy on the use of living animals in testing and experimentation and ensures best practice in the treatment of animals. It incorporates the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Inspectorate which advises on all licence applications, monitors compliance and acts as the source of professional advice to the Home Secretary.