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Museums and galleries

Want a day out that is fun and educational at the same time? You could try visiting a museum or gallery. There are hundreds of galleries and museums all over Britain covering a wide variety of topics from local history to modern art, dinosaurs to rockets

What's on

You can take part in one of the many workshops and events which are happening all over the country. There are often special events and activities for children especially during the school holidays.

You can also find out what is happening at a local venue today. The 24hour Museum website gives you the opportunity to search for events happening across the UK. Explore the featured exhibition on the 24hour Museum website or follow one of the suggested trails, there's likely to be something to interest you.

Online exhibitions

You could take a tour round one of the virtual exhibitions from the 24hour Museum site. Visitors to online art sites should be aware that the content sometimes follows adult themes and may not be suitable for children.

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