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We’re here to help you make your visit to the Welsh Assembly Government web-site as easy and informative as possible.
We worked with a group of volunteers from across Wales who tested every aspect of the site redesign - from deciding which Topic areas to use, to choosing page layouts and colours - our users made every decision for us.

If you experience any problems with the site or if you have any comments, email us at:

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Access Options

Access optionsOne of our primary motivations for redesigning the site was to make it more accessible and more usable. Part of the way we've addressed this is through the inclusion of Accessibility Options. These allow you to tailor the way you view the site to fit your own preferences.
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Access Keys

We've assigned Access Keys that can help you to navigate around the site using your keyboard instead of your mouse. A lot of people don't use a mouse to browse wesbites, and we've tried to choose keys that won't interfere with other keyboard functions.
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Site Map

The site map shows the whole site at a glance. Every word on the page is a link, and every link goes to a live page.
Try finding information with the site map when you want to see all the pages under a Topic area without having to click around the site.
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The A-Z is a popular way to find information when you know exactly what you’re looking for. Try and find the word you’re looking for in the A-Z, and if it’s there, just click it to go to the related page. If you can’t find the word you’re looking for in the A-Z, try using the search.
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The search facility is intended to return results that are related to any terms you enter. There is a simple search facility at the top of every page. Just enter the word you’ve looking for in the search box and click the magnifying glass icon.

If your search doesn’t work, you will be asked to try an Advanced Search. The Advanced Search allows you to filter your search results by Content Type, Location, Department or Topic.
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Related Links

Certain information on this site requires that you have the right software to view it. This page offers links to freely available viewers and readers.