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On this page you will find information on the Welsh Assembly Government including information on Cabinet Ministers, Deputy Ministers and the Counsel General.

The Welsh Assembly Government is responsible for most of the issues of day-to-day concern to the people of Wales, including the economy, health, education, and local government.

The role of the Welsh Assembly Government is to exercise functions devolved to it in order to: make decisions on matters which affect people’s daily lives; develop and implement policy; make subordinate legislation (eg regulations and statutory guidance) and propose Assembly Measures (Welsh laws). 

The Welsh Assembly Government consists of:

  • The First Minister
  • The Welsh Ministers (as described in the Government of Wales Act 2006)
  • The Counsel General
  • The Deputy Welsh Ministers

The provisions of the Government of Wales Act 2006 allows up to 12 Welsh Ministers and Deputy Ministers.  This means that the maximum size of the Welsh Assembly government will be 14, including the First Minister and Counsel General.

Cabinet Ministers

The First Minister of Wales is the Rt. Hon. Rhodri Morgan AM and he has appointed 8 Welsh Ministers to serve in his Cabinet, which is the main decision making body of the Welsh Assembly Government. 

The Counsel General

Carwyn Jones AM is the Counsel General, the Chief Legal adviser to the Welsh Assembly Government. Carwyn is also the Leader of the House and attends Cabinet.

Learn more about the Cabinet.

Deputy Ministers

The First Minister has also appointed 4 Deputy Ministers.  Learn more about Deputy Ministers.

The Ministerial Code

In the performance of their duties, Ministers are expected to behave according to the highest standards of constitutional and personal conduct.  In particular, they are expected to observe the Seven Principles of Public Life and the principles of Ministerial Conduct.  The Ministerial Code [.pdf 249KB] issued by the First Minister [.pdf 63.4KB], provides guidance to Ministers on how they should act and arrange their affairs in order to uphold these standards.  It applies to all Ministers, Counsel General and Deputy Ministers.

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