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Email alerts from DCSF

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DCSF newsletter for users
The DCSF sends a fortnightly email newsletter to subscribed users containing details of the latest publications, news and information. The email also outlines important information, including communications from ministers and senior officials, items requiring immediate action and items to forward to other members of staff.

If you are already registered to receive email updates from the Online Publications site, you will continue to receive a fortnightly email containing the most important information from the DCSF.

If you aren't already registered, you can sign-up now. Simply go to the Online Publications for schools area and click on the link called register now. The registration takes a few minutes and you need to select 'yes' to receive DCSF mailings. If you are already registered on TeacherNet you only need to update your profile. Go to the Registration page to edit your details.

DCSF newsletter for schools
The fortnightly email is automatically sent to all schools in England, alerting them to the latest news and publications deemed essential for school management. The email will go to the two addresses listed on the school's EduBase record. You can view your school's record on the EduBase website. If you need any help with this site, please email the Edubase team. Past emails can be viewed in TeacherNet's Education overview area.

If you have any feedback or queries on the online ordering service or the email alerts, please call 0845 600 9506 or email the Online Publications team.

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