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Whole-school issues

Whole-school issuesThis section has information on areas of school life which involve the entire school community: from teachers, support staff, managers and governors to pupils, parents and the wider community.

Whole-school issues include topics like behaviourhealth and safety, special educational needs, child protection and sexual health and sexual orientation, for which no single member of the school community is solely responsible.

These are some of the most important issues facing schools. When they are tackled in an integrated and inclusive manner, they can bring valuable benefits.

Follow the links on the left for an overview of each topic, leading to more detailed information about each issue, and the resources and support available.

Teachers' TV launched on 8 February 2005 providing a wide selection of programmes and resources for teachers, heads, managers, governors, teaching assistants and support staff. Programmes cover a broad range of important whole-school issues, and include documentaries and a weekly news round-up, plus debates about the current issues in education.

Page last updated 1 April 2007

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