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Contacting Defra

Other contact information

If you wish to make a complaint to Defra, information about our complaints procedures is available at

See below for addresses and contact numbers for some specialist units in Defra. For all other contact information, please phone the Defra Helpline.

  • Expenditure and Food Survey/National Food Survey - Please call the following help number when you need to find out more information about the Expenditure and Food Survey or the National Food Survey +44 01904 455077
  • Press Office - See news release 408/06 for names and responsibilities of Defra press officers

Food and farming businesses may also want to seek help from other Government Departments and from local authorities, for example with planning enquiries. For general assistance you should contact the Government Office in your region.

Food law information: day-to-day enforcement is in the main the responsibility of local food authorities. Food law policy is the responsibility of the Food Standards Agency

We know of many websites of possible interest to users of our site. We have therefore provided a list of selected sites belonging to UK and overseas Government and other public organisations relevant to the Department and its work.

Many documents on our site contain unfamiliar abbreviations and acronyms. We hope our glossary of abbreviations and acronyms will help you.

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