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Continuing professional development (CPD)

Continuing professional development

Do you want to make progress in your career?

CPD is relevant to all teachers. It is about making progress in the teaching profession — increasing the teachers' skills, knowledge and understanding as outlined in the professional standards for teachers.

The TDA developed a national strategy for teachers' CPD as part of its advice to ministers. Part of the strategy is to develop guidance for schools on CPD.

The importance of high-quality PSHE in schools has been reinforced by the new duty on school governors to promote well-being. Andrew Adonis, Minister for Schools, has written a letter highlighting the availability of free accredited teacher-training for PSHE. Find out more about the year-long National PSHE CPD programme funded by the DCSF.

The National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM) has launched a website which is designed as a virtual centre with a web portal to support activities and resources at both regional and local levels. Find out more about the NCETM project, and how it can enhance and provide leadership for CPD of maths teachers from primary school to college level.

The national network of Science Learning Centres has been created by the Department and Wellcome Trust to provide innovative and inspiring professional development. They support teachers and technicians in delivering intellectually stimulating and relevant science education, helping students to gain the knowledge and understanding they need - both as citizens and as scientists of the future.

Teachers have international CPD opportunities that many are unaware of, to study abroad, or to gain CPD as they guide their schools or classes through international progammes. The Teachers' International Professional Development programme, funded by the DCSF, is known as TIPD.

You can also access information about various schemes, including the Government-backed HomeBuy Scheme, which help teachers and other key workers buy and rent affordable properties both in the South East and elsewhere in the UK.

Don't forget to tune into Teachers TV to see your peers at work and for further support.

You can also make use of TeacherNet's dedicated Professional and Career Development support tool to see how you can progress along your own career pathway.

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