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Egg Marketing Inspectorate (EMI)

What is the EMI?

The EMI is an Inspectorate within Animal Health, which is a government executive agency.

What does the EMI do?

The EMI is responsible for the enforcement of various pieces of legislation which cover the production and marketing of eggs, at all points of the marketing chain up to but not including retail & catering level, although the Inspectorate is also authorised to conduct inspections at retail & catering premises where the need arises. The EMI will also soon be responsible for on-farm aspects of the Poultrymeat Marketing Regulations.

Where does the EMI work?

Throughout England and Wales, wherever eggs are produced, graded, packed, imported, exported, bought or sold. Scotland and Northern Ireland have their own Inspectors.

How do I contact an inspector?

A map of EMI regions and addresses of the Regional Egg Marketing Inspectors (REMI) is available. Contact the REMI responsible for your region, for further information on the Regulations and details of the Egg Marketing Inspector closest to you.

Forms and guidance

Explanatory leaflets covering the various stages of egg production and The Egg Quality Guide are available. You should read these leaflets before completing any of the EMR (Egg Marketing Regulations) forms available from the EMI.

Further information on the EMI

Page last modified: 4 October 2007

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