Welsh Assembly Government


How is the Assembly Government funded and how does it decide where the money should go?

The Welsh Assembly Government receives money from HM Treasury, some in the form of tax collected on behalf of the UK Government by the Chancellor of the Exchequer and some as an annual grant from the Secretary of State for Wales.

Budgets are proposed, debated in the Assembly Chamber and by Committees before being agreed and formally confirmed or ratified.  Draft budgets are published during October each year with accounts for the previous Financial year being laid before the Assembly during the same month.

Money is used by the staff of the Assembly and the public bodies which it sponsors and funds, for example Local Government, the NHS in Wales or Assembly Government Sponsored Public Bodies such as the Welsh Language Board.  

Some of the Assembly Government’s money is made available by way of grants to fund schemes and initiatives that are in line with the Welsh Assembly Government’s agenda. Each grant will have its own set of criteria which applicants must meet in order for applications to be considered.  Some schemes will be restricted to specific applicants such as Local Authorities, businesses or voluntary organisations perhaps to manage waste in the community,  encourage sustainable development or promote the use of Welsh in business.  Others will be open to individuals, perhaps those needing financial assistance to continue studying or those wishing to start their own business.

Where grants are available from the Welsh Assembly Government, different teams of staff across the departments advise, deal with and process applications according to the nature of type of grant.  

Although Finance Department set and monitor the budget, run the Assembly Government’s Financial systems and account for every transaction that takes place, they do not administer any grant schemes themselves.  Queries on particular grant schemes or applications should be directed to the appropriate team within the Assembly to whom the application was submitted.  

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