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Public Sector Food Procurement Initiative (PSFPI)

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Priority objectives

The public sector in England spends £2 billion on food and catering services, which the  Government wants to use to help deliver a world-class sustainable farming and food sector that contributes to a better environment and healthier and prosperous communities. The six priority objectives:

  • promote food safety, including high standards of hygiene
  • increase the consumption of healthy and nutritious food
  • improve the sustainability and efficiency of production, processing and distribution
  • increase tenders from small and local producers and their ability to do business
  • increase cooperation among buyers, producers and along supply chains
  • improve the sustainability and efficiency of public food procurement and catering services

Other important objectives cover consumer behaviour, organic food, animal welfare, fair treatment of suppliers, working conditions for catering staff and catering for ethnic minority, cultural and religious groups. 



Page last modified: 13 December 2007
Page published: 1 May 2003

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