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31 December 2007: Two parallel consultations were launched, the first covering draft proposals for better defining the Scotch whisky geographical indication, and the second on spirit drinks covering enforcement provisions for the new EC Regulation due to come into force in 2008.

Foot and Mouth Disease

Customer Information Notes (CINs) provide information on the latest developments in international trade of animals and animal products.

The Foot and Mouth Disease latest situation page links to FMD-related CINs.


A service has been set up between Defra and HM Revenue and Customs and managed by HMRC whereby users can register to receive e-mails relating them to trade issues of interest direct to their mailbox. The ALERT system provides timely and relevant information to importers and exporters and allied businesses in the form of emails automatically sent to customers who have signed up to receive it.

Register here to receive relevant trade alerts to your mailbox. NB - this link opens up a new browser window.

Help for exporters

*Agricultural industry - The International Agriculture & Technology Centre (IATC) offers support and advice to UK companies in the agriculture and related technologies sector looking for new market opportunities across the globe. (Not a Government website)

*Food industry - Food from Britain helps facilitate and generate international business between UK food and drink companies and international buyers.

* Environmental Industries Sector Unit (EISU) in UK Trade and Investment has responsibility for promoting the UK environmental industry overseas.

* Environmental Industries Unit (EIU) is a joint DTI/Defra unit which promotes the environmental goods and services sector in the UK.

*Water industry - the leading organisation representing the collective interests of the UK water and wastewater industry at home and overseas. (Not a Government website)

Import and export regulations

International trade in live animals and animal products - an authoritative source of information on the health conditions for international trade in live animals and animal products to, from or through Great Britain. It also includes general information relevant to such trade.

Personal imports of plant and animal products - aims to reduce the risk of exotic animal disease and plant pests and diseases which may enter the country and threaten our public health, livestock, agriculture and horticultural industries and the environment.

Plant health imports and exports - to guard against the spread of harmful pests and diseases, official controls apply to the import, movement and keeping of plants, plant pests and other material.

*eFishBusiness - a site sponsored by Defra, CEFAS, the Environment Agency, and the National Assembly for Wales, to facilitate the legal movements of fish.

Trade issues with third countries

International trade negotiations (WTO)

DICE - Defra Import/Export Communication Exchange - a consultation forum for Defra to discuss trade issues with operators, shippers, trade groups and other regulators.

Fertilisers - information on the fertiliser sector including details of the legislative responsibilities under EC Regulations and domestic law.


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