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Defra delivery landscape

What is the Defra delivery landscape?

Defra’s delivery landscape collectively describes the large number of diverse bodies that help Defra deliver our strategic priorities.

Many of these bodies are part of the Defra network that are directly owned or sponsored by Defra, others are partners we work closely with. The different types of body include Defra’s Executive Agencies such as Animal Health, executive Non Departmental Public Bodies (NDPBs) such as the Environment Agency (EA), public corporations such as British Waterways (BW) and others such as the Broads Authority (BA) which is a National Parks Authority. Definitions of different types of public bodies

Why does there need to be a map of the Defra delivery landscape?

Defra’s delivery landscape is large and complex and needs to be understood from many different perspectives.

By popular demand, as part of work to improve our online advice and guidance, the Delivery Relationship Team (DRT) has created a user-friendly, high-level map of the delivery landscape in order to:

  • Enable everyone in both Defra and the wider Defra Network to see a clear simple, high-level picture of all our delivery bodies and how they fits together;
  • Support decisions about choosing delivery mechanisms for new policies and initiatives;
  • Help identify communities of interest for collaborative working on cross-cutting customer and business design issues;
  • Support preparations for the Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR07), for which we will need to demonstrate a clear picture of our collective capacity;
  • Support the development of a Defra Network culture of collaborative working.

The map currently shows Defra’s delivery bodies. For a full list of all the bodies including advisory and tribunal NDPBs click here. Over time, we hope to expand the scope of the map and the information available.

What information is available?

Landscape map
  • The landscape is graphically represented on a one page Adobe Acrobat file [68KB] which groups delivery bodies according to type and distance from Defra.
  • This lists all Defra’s delivery bodies and links to a further information page for each body.
  • This page contains basic contact information, annual budget, their own objectives, governance structure, Defra’s strategic priorities that they help fulfil, the direct customers they serve and their business functions.
Strategic priorities
  • This page shows Defra’s strategic priorities. Click on each objective to display a list of the delivery bodies which help to fulfil that priority.
Business Functions
Local Government's role

The information contained in these pages is correct to the best of our knowledge as of 10 August 2007and will be updated at regular intervals. If any information is incorrect or needs updating, please contact drt@defra.gsi.gov.uk.

Page last modified: 14 November 2007
Page published: August 2007

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