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News releases, consultations

We only retain news releases on our website for the current, and previous, year. Customers should see for Defra news releases from 2006 and previous years.

We only retain material for one year within the consultations section of the website. A list of consultations closed since January 2007 is available. Please contact the relevant business area (or the Defra Helpline) if you need older papers.

We suggest that you:

  • consult our A-Z index
  • return to the Defra home page and use our main site navigation (or quick links) to locate the information you require
  • use our search engine or any general Internet search engine

As a result of ongoing website maintenance, Defra website pages may from time to time have their addresses changed and you may need to update any bookmarks you have set.

If you need further assistance please let us know - email Please provide full details on the problems you have experienced and the web page address (URL) that you are trying to access, and/or the page where you found a broken link.

Page last modified: 7 January 2008
Page published: 19 January 2005

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