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Anti-social behaviour

Creating better envionments

Anti-social behaviour is any activity that impacts on other people in a negative way. Despite a 39% drop in the incidence of crime since 1995, anti-social behaviour remains a serious issue with around 66,000 reports of ASB made to authorities each day (Source: One day count of anti-social behaviour: September 10 2003).

We are making progress, however.  The number of people who think ASB is a big or fairly big problem has reduced from 20.7% in 2002/03  to 16.7% at the end of 2004 but there still is much more we can be doing together to tackle the problem. (Source: British Crime Survey)


The government's Respect campaign encourages us all to work together to create a society in which we can respect one another and live in peace together.

The Respect Action Plan details how the government will encourage respect in communities, including stamping out anti-social behaviour, by:

  • supporting or challenging anti-social households
  • tackling truancy and anti-social behaviour in schools
  • providing activities for younger people
  • strengthening local communities
  • stronger measures to tackle anti-social behavour

Visit the Respect website (new window) to read the plan and for more on the Respect campaign.


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