Climate change & energy

Climate change and energy


Climate change is the greatest environmental challenge facing the world today. Rising global temperatures will bring changes in weather patterns, rising sea levels and increased frequency and intensity of extreme weather events. The effects will be felt here in the UK; internationally there may be severe problems for people in regions that are particularly vulnerable.

The UK is acting now to adapt to climate change and to reduce the risk by reducing our contribution to the causes. These pages explains what climate change means for the UK and what we are doing about it.

UN Climate Change Conference - Bali, 3-14 December 2007

UNFCC COP13 logoThe Conference, hosted by the Government of Indonesia, brings together representatives of over 180 countries to negotiate on issues relating to tackling climate change. The EU want the Conference to agree to launch the negotiations for a global and comprehensive agreement on climate change.

Phil Woolas MP, Minister In the run up to, and during, the Conference Phil Woolas will be keeping a diary of his and the UK Government’s progress towards achieving a successful outcome from the Conference.

Ahead of the Bali Conference, the UK Government has issued a statement on a Post-2012 framework to tackle climate change:

Climate Change Bill - progress

The UK Government is committed to addressing both the causes and consequences of climate change and has committed to introducing a Climate Change Bill. The Bill will create a new approach to managing and responding to climate change in the UK. The Bill was introduced to Parliament on 14 November 2007.

Latest information
Selected additions to this site and other relevant government websites

What is climate change?
The greenhouse effect, greenhouse gases, effects of climate change globally and in the UK

What we are doing in the UK
Information about the 2007 draft Climate Change Bill and its objectives; the 2006 UK Climate Change Programme which includes initiatives for individuals and business, climate and energy policy, adapting to climate change; and material dealing with energy issues from a climate change perspective.

What we are doing internationally
International negotiations including UN Climate Change Conferences; developing countries; the EU, Kyoto Mechanisms and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Evidence & research: science & economics
Links to relevant documents including work on the cost of carbon

Emissions trading
UK and EU emissions trading schemes

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