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UK farming contributed £5.6 billion to our economy in 2006. It uses around three quarters of this country's land area, and employs over half a million people. One of Defra's major tasks is to help this vital industry to operate as efficiently as possible. Defra administers support policies agreed in Brussels which provide around £3 billion to UK agriculture. Defra’s farming policy is set out in the Sustainable Farming and Food Strategy.

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Farming Link - our newspaper for farmers and growers - helps keep you informed about a range of Defra and EU activities which could affect your farm business planning. Farming Link...

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Farming sections :

  • Crops
    The crops section covers plant health, seeds and varieties, GM crops and industrial crops. The pages in this section also provides updates on the EU regimes covering cereals, rice, fodder and sugar.
  • Livestock
    The livestock pages of the farming section cover the key issues surrounding the health and welfare, identification and movement of farm animals.
  • Environmental management
    Covers environmental and land management issues. A number of topics have been grouped together for ease of reference: land management, landscape features, and land use and planning. Other topics covered include common land, rights of way, climate change, air and water and water courses.
  • Organic farming
    Information on the organic food and farming sector for farmers, consumers and importers. This section covers organic certification and standards as well as guidance on funding and converting to organic systems.
  • Waste and resources
    Covers the key issues for farmers and land managers including fly-tipping, landfill, incineration, composting, sewage and slurry, packaging, recycling and energy efficiency.
  • Wildlife and plants
    Farming, wildlife and plants are inextricably linked and these pages have pulled together information on topics including wild birds, protected plants, pest control, bats, badgers and other species.
  • Working in farming
    A section highlighting material that is specifically relevant for people working in farming. It includes information on employment and wages, training, new entrants, tenancies, diversification, and health and safety.
  • Retail and trade
    The retail and trade section of the site provides information about farm shops and farmers markets as well as guidance on the import and export of plants, animals and animal products.
  • Single Payment Scheme
  • Policy
    A range of material on farming policy, including CAP Reform, Farm Regulation and Charging Strategy, the sustainable farming and food strategy and the Public Sector Food Procurement Initiative (PSFPI).
  • Whole Farm Approach (WFA) - a faster and more efficient way of doing business between government and the farming industry.
  • Contacts and dialogue
    Farming Link; contact points

See also:

  • Horticulture - information on horticultural production and marketing, potatoes and hops.
  • Grants and funding - information about grants and funding schemes relevant to Defra’s customers.
  • Food and drink - for details on the milk and milk products, eggs, meat and poultry sectors.

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