Benn urges importance of caring for pets

Hilary Benn at the Blue Cross HospitalSecretary of State for the Environment, Hilary Benn today visited The Blue Cross animal hospital in Victoria, London which provides veterinary care for the pets of people who cannot afford private vets’ fees.

Mr Benn met with veterinary staff at the charity animal hospital, who showed him around the facility and introduced him to clients and their pets. He also saw pets attending the obesity clinic, where overweight pets are given regular weigh-ins and check ups to make sure they return to a healthy weight.

Mr Benn said:

"In this new year period, when people may be getting used to new pets, it is important to remember that regular veterinary check ups are essential and that your vet can give lots of advice about the best way to house, feed and exercise your animal. The Blue Cross provides a vital service for those who cannot afford private veterinary care, and for those who depend on their animals for companionship.

“Today I have seen the work and care that goes into helping pets with all sorts of problems – from being involved in road traffic accidents, to being made homeless. We are all responsible for doing the best for our animals and making sure that we take our duties as pet owners seriously.”

John Rutter, chief executive of The Blue Cross said:

“The Blue Cross has been promoting responsible pet ownership for over 100 years, most recently by contributing to the new Animal Welfare Act. Our experienced staff help to educate pet owners nationwide on all aspects of pet care.

“At this time of year when many people are resolving to eat healthily and exercise more, we are urging people to make the same resolution for their pets. Our vets are treating more animals for weight related problems every year and now is the time to start fighting the flab.”

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Page published: 7 January 2008

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