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Departmental Floor Targets

The links below go to the various targets which have been set across Whitehall to combat deprivation. Some of these are regular targets, whilst others are "floor targets" - a new innovation in 2000.

"Floor targets" are an advance in how Government tackles disadvantage. Normal targets often hide patches where things are really bad. If the average is OK, then things seem fine. Setting floor targets means that we will ensure a certain level of standards for all, because for the first time Government departments, local authorities and other service providers are being judged on their performance in the areas where they are doing worst, rather than on the national average. No longer will the poorest areas and groups go unnoticed.

Floor targets were first introduced in 2000 as the social equivalent of the Minimum Wage. More funding has been provided to back up these goals. Such targets are now a fixed part of government policy and were further strengthened in 2002.

A new technical note has been added to the DCLG site that has a direct impact on the work of the NRU. The document, Spending review 2004 Public Service Agreement: Technical Notes, has full details.


National Targets 2004

Floor targets and other deprivation related targets set in 2002

Floor targets set in 2000

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Floor Targets
National Targets 2004
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