Local government

Performance Framework, Partnerships and Local Area Agreements

The local area agreement (LAA), together with the sustainable community strategy and spatial development strategy, sets out the vision and delivery priorities for each place.

Everywhere in England currently has an LAA. From 2008 this will become a much more powerful framework for devolution, taking the programme of freedoms and flexibilities further still. Pooled funding, for example, will enable delivery partners to work together towards shared outcomes for their citizens.

The local strategic partnership (LSP) will have a stronger role at the heart of it.

Within the LAA the new performance system will drive improvement and effective partnership working. The comprehensive area assessment (CAA) will replace the comprehensive performance assessment (CPA), inspections will be more targeted and based on risk, and the number of targets and indicators will be reduced.

But we will intervene in an area if performance is consistently below what people expect.

While burdens from central government will be reduced, direct accountability to communities will be increased.

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