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Fraud Alert

Fraud Alert


The Fraud Alert pages have been set up in conjunction with the Economic and Specialist Crime OCU as a resource to assist in combating specific types of fraud, and to prevent you becoming a victim of crime, through the prevention advice and disruption activity. If you have been a victim of fraud, we cannot accept reports of crime through the Fraud Alert website. You will need to attend or telephone your local police station to make the report.

Depending on your broswer use the links below to bookmark our site:

If you are sending us emails that you believe are fraudulent, we need the email headers to disrupt the fraudulent activity. Please see below how to obtain this:

Please send all banking related phishing emails to reports@banksafeonline.org.uk. Queries related to Paypal or Ebay should be sent to spoof@paypal.co.uk and spoof@ebay.co.uk respectively. Please copy us into any emails that are sent to these organisations.

Please note we will not respond to ALL emails sent into the Fraud Alert team, unless we require further information or clarification from you. We apologise for this, but this is necessary due to the volume of email traffic we are receiving.

See our PDF for a full introduction:

On this site the following are available:


Helpful information

If as a result of one of these frauds or any other type of fraud, you have become a victim of crime, you will need to attend your local police station to report the allegation. If you are a resident in Greater London area this link will provide details of your local police station.

If you are resident outside the London area the following link will provide you with details of your local force website from which you can obtain details of your local police station.

Currently there is no facility in the UK to report fraud offences on line.