Barking to Gospel Oak Railway and Freight Capability Enhancements

The Parliamentary under Secretary for Transport (Tom Harris): The Department for Transport has today announced a contribution of £18.5m from the Productivity section of the Transport Innovation Fund (TIF) to enhance the Gospel Oak to Barking line which is an important rail artery through east and north London.  The improvements will deliver a number of benefits:

  • they will enable the line to carry more goods and larger containers from the important and growing ports in the south east, including the new development at London Gateway (Shell Haven), to other parts of the rail network including the West Coast Main Line; and
  • they will provide rail freight customers with an alternative route during future maintenance works on the North London Line.

TIF was established by the Future of Transport White Paper (July 2004).  Productivity TIF is one part of this fund.  It supports packages and schemes which are expected to make a major contribution to the UK’s economy.

Further Productivity TIF schemes are still under consideration for funding.  Announcements will be made on these on a case by case basis.

Delivered: 25 July 2007