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The Cabinet Office is at the centre of government, making government work better. This website brings together information from units in the Department.

The Better Regulation Executive has now moved to the new Department of Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR).

Cabinet Office Annual Report and Resource Accounts 2006-07

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The Cabinet Office Annual Report and Resource Accounts for the year 2006–07 have now been published. The Annual Report explains the changes to the Department's operations, while the Resource Accounts detail the financial performance of the Department against Parliamentary control targets.

Legislative programme

Prime Minister Gordon Brown

Following Prime Minister Gordon Brown's statement on 11 July 2007 about the Draft Legislative Programme, in which he outlined the bills that the Government is currently planning to introduce, the Leader of the House of Commons has published ‘The Governance of Britain: The Government's Draft Legislative Programme’, explaining how the programme is drawn together and why it is being published at this time.

Service Transformation Questionnaire

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This short questionnaire is designed to find out how we can better help those working in the area of Service Transformation in Government. We are equally interested in hearing from those of you who are new to Service Transformation or have experience to share.

Security Structures in the Cabinet Office

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Following the statement by the Prime Minister, Cabinet Secretary Sir Gus O'Donnell has announced changes in the organisation of the Security and Intelligence function in the Cabinet Office.

Intelligence Security Committee Report - Rendition

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The Intelligence Select Committee sent its Report into Rendition to the Prime Minister on 28 June 2007.
The Prime Minister has now laid the report and the Government's response before Parliament.

Ministerial Gifts and Travel

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The Cabinet Office has released the 2006/07 figures relating to official ministerial travel, plus the figures for the giving and receiving of ministerial gifts.