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HQ 104 Log Sp Bde

Description of duty position and work environment

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Medical and Dental care

Description of Military Post Office, Commissary and PX Facilities

What religious services are available locally?



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Description of duty position and work environment

HQ 104 Log Sp Bde

HQ 104 Log Sp Bde consists of just nine personnel.  These are:

Commander:  Brigadier Johnathan Downes, OBE.  (Also Cdr, JFLogC)
Chief of Staff: Maj Chris Rose
SO2 Plans: Maj Simon Millstead
SO2 Coord: Vacant
SO2 Sp/IS: Maj Mark Stuart
SO2 Ops/Cts: MAJ Paul Schlimm (US Army)
SO3 Cts: Capt Dominik Nott
Chief Clerk: SSgt Adrian Sloan
Admin Asst: Mrs. Elain Browning

The Brigade itself consists of the following regiments:

17 Port and Maritime Regiment
- Based in Marchwood near Southampton
- The British Army's deployable port, rail, and LOTS capability
- Runs the Sea Mounting Center in Marchwood

23 Pioneer Regiment
- Based in Bicester near Oxford
- Provides logistics artisan, mortuary affairs, and limited force protection capability

24 Regiment
- Based in Bielefeld, GE
- Provides fixed postal support for Germany based units
- Provides deployable movement control (MOVCON) support
- Provides deployable postal and courier (PCS) support

29 Regiment
- Based in South Cerney near Swindon
- Runs the Joint Air Mounting Center (think Green Ramp at Pope AFB, NC)
- Provides deployable movement control (MOVCON) support
- Provides deployable postal and courier (PCS) support

Duty Description on OER Support Form

Exchange Officer with the British Army serving as S-3 for a logistic brigade comprised of four deployable regular army battalions with over 2100 soldiers. Significant responsibilies and duties include: plans and manages commitments of Brigade individuals and equipment to operations and exercises; develops and oversees the Brigade collective training program, performs NATO operational evaluation of subordinate units; produces the Brigade training directive and contributes to operational plans; prepared the Brigade for warfighting and to train units to best employ logistic enabling capabilities.


We seldom do organised PT.  However, most British officers are very fit and very good runners.  I run during lunch most days, and there are many running tracks along the Salisbury Plain and surrounding villages.  Airfield Camp also has a gym, but it is pretty limited.
There are several other venues for PT close by. 

Tidworth Leisure Center (about 15 minutes away from Airfield Camp)

Five Rivers Leisure Center, Salisbury.  Located just north of the Salisbury ring road on the way to work.

Uniform Information

Duty Uniform: BDUs or ACU when fielded

Other Uniforms: Class A, Dress Blue and Mess Dress required

Other clothing: Bring at least two good suits (called a lounge suit) and a tuxedo

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Description of Housing

You are set up very well for housing.  Your quarters are in a military "patch" in Harnham, which is just south from the Salisbury Cathedral.  You can walk into the center of town in about 15 minutes.

You quarters are administered by the Defense Housing Executive, and you pay your rent (currently £375) directly to DHE.  You arrange for a pay for your own utilities.

DHE provides all the maintenance you want on your quarters.  It helps to be patient.  It helps to be VERY patient.  For small repair jobs, it is almost better to fix things yourself if you have the talent. 

The quarters are wired for dual voltage in the kitchen and the laundry room.  You have access to enough transformers to power US spec items in the other rooms.  For lighting, we brought our US lamp, rewired them to UK specs, and us 240v bulbs.

As of October 2005, after the BAH change, I was being paid BAH:  $1221.50  & COLA: $1712.15

We have two TVs in the living room, much to the amusement of our British friends.  We rent a cable box for $25 a month from RAF West Ruislip to watch AFN.  The dish will stay when we leave so all you have to do is rent a box.  We also get basic British TV from and antenna on the chimney.  Be aware you will have to pay an annual TV tax of £126.50.  They know where you live and know when you watch.  The fine for not paying is £1,000.

For additional appliances we went through RAF Croughton (01280-708-747).  From them we have a refrigerator, a dishwasher, a washer, a dryer and a microwave oven.  The oven and vacuum cleaner (called the "Hoover") are from DHE.

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Medical and Dental care

Military personnel are entitled to free treatment at British Army facilities.

Dental care for you and your family is available at the Navy Clinic at West Ruislip until June of 2006.  Medical and dental services are also available at RAF Mildenhall/Lakenheath.  You can also use a local dentist and seek reimbursement.

The National Health Service (NHS) and TRICARE remote both are available providing care for dependants.  We are all registered with the National Health Service (NHS) for routine medical care.  NHS web page is  Thye have done well by us all.  The closest clinic is in town is the New Street Surgery about a mile from the house. 

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Description of Military Post Office, Commissary and PX Facilities

We use the FPO at West Ruislip for mail service, although much of what we get is sent straight to our British address. 

The U.S. Navy base at RAF West Ruislip has the largest exchange close by (1.5 hours) although it is small by stateside standards. It has a decent small commissary as well. RAF Croughton and RAF Fairford, USAF bases each about 1:30 away, both have fairly decent commissaries; in fact; we prefer their commissaries to West Ruislip’s. Their exchanges are much smaller and more sparsely stocked. My wife usually goes to one of them about a month to do the bulk of our shopping. She takes a cooler for meat and other frozen items. All three installations have gas stations and you can purchase gas coupons there as well.  We generally buy milk, eggs, bread, and produce in the local British markets.

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What religious services are available locally?

There are many places to worship in Salisbury.  The "crown jewel" is the Salisbury Cathedral, which was started in 1220 and finished in 1258.  The Spire, the tallest in England, was added a generation later.

Protestant Churches

Bemerton Methodist Church, New Zealand Ave, Salisbury, Wilts. Tel +44 (0)1722 334833

City Gate Church Salisbury, PO Box 1075, Salisbury, Wilts. SP1 3XQ. Tel +44 (0)1722 412351
Elim Christian Centre & Factory Project, Dews Road, Salisbury, Wilts. Tel +44 (0)1722 559191
Emmanuel Church Evangelical and Reformed, 8 Wilton Rd. Salisbury, Wilts. Tel +44 (0)1722 322429
Harnham Free Church, 15-16 Hawksridge, Harnham, Salisbury, Wilts. Tel +44 (0)1722 507430 email
Salisbury Baptist Church, Brown Street, Salisbury, Wilts. Tel +44 (0)1722 413156

Salisbury Methodist Church, St Edmunds Church St. Salisbury, Wilts. Tel +44 (0)1722 421980

United Reformed Church, Fisherton St. Salisbury, Wilts. Tel +44 (0)1722 421463

Salisbury United Reformed Church, 30 Fisherton St. Salisbury, Wilts. Tel +44 (0)1722 326101

Salisbury Vineyard Christian Fellowship, Park St. Salisbury, Wilts. Tel +44 (0)1722 326885

Church of England

Salisbury Cathedral, The Close, Salisbury, Wilts. Tel +44 (0)1722 555100
St Francis Church of England, Beatrice Rd, Salisbury, Wilts. Tel +44 (0)1722 333762

St George and All Saints C of E Church, Old Blandford Rd. Salisbury, Wilts. Tel +44 (0)1722 333564

St Lawrence C of E Church, Beatrice Rd. Salisbury, Wilts. Tel +44 (0)1722 333762

St Michaels and All Angels C of E Church, St Michaels Rd, Salisbury, Wilts. Tel +44 (0)1722 333750

Roman Catholic

St Gregory and The English Martyrs RC Church, 44 St Gregorys Ave. Salisbury, Wilts. Tel +44 (0)1722 334496

St Osmund R C Church, Exeter St. Salisbury, Wilts. Tel +44 (0)1722 333581

Unknown Denomination

St Johns Church, Lower Rd, Bemerton, Salisbury, Wilts. Tel +44 (0)1722 333750

Sarum St Martin Church, St Martins Church St. Salisbury, Wilts. Tel +44 (0)1722 503123

St Pauls Church, Fisherton St. Salisbury, Wilts. Tel +44 (0)1722 334005

St Thomas' Church St Thomas' Square, Salisbury, Wilts. Tel +44 (0)1722 322537

Synagoges near Salisbury

South Hampshire Reform Jewish Community (SHRJC)
Suite 153, 151 High Street,
Hampshire, SO14 2BT
Tel: 0709 237 3918
web site:

Swindon Jewish Community
16 Dowling Street, Swindon, SN1 5QY
Tel: 01793 521910.

Mosques near Salisbury

Still researching this!

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We have set up a pound account at the Community Bank in West Ruislip.  From this we write checks to pay for the rent and utilities.  For local shopping we us our US credit cards, and we get cash from local ATMs from our US debit card.  I strongly recommend you call your US financial agencies prior to coming over here and discuss with them what you need to do to activate your cards once over here.  Each company does it a little differently.  USAA was a big help, but we had to do some address changing to get ours to work properly.  As for ATMs, we've found that it is best to use ones at banks versus stand-alone machines in town or along the highway.  We have had little success using ATMs not associated with a bank.

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Elementary Students (ages 4 to 11) may attend British Council Schools (Public) or private schools based on availability.  Several elementary schools are available in the local area.  

We have had a very positive experience at the Salisbury Cathedral School, 1 mile from our quarters.   Our daughter is receiving a quality education with a variety of extra-curricular activities.  The Army is paying for her to attend the Cathedral School.

Many of the British Officers in the area also use Netheravon School.  For Middle and High School needs there are British Council Schools or Private tuition based schools available in the area.  The Department of Defence can provide help with tuition assistance.  

The Department of Defence Dependent School – Europe (DoDDS-E) system is helpful in supporting the education of dependent Elementary and High School aged students of all forces assigned in the UK.  While assigned at Netheravon, students fall under the the Non-DoDDS-E system due to non availability of DoDDS schools. 
Further information is available at\nondod.htm

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POV Information

You will ship your POV to West Ruislip. If your car does not meet British specifications, and unless you bought it here or have lived here before it won’t, you will have to have it modified here to pass inspection. Costs vary depending on the type of car. We have a Honda Accord; it cost about $300.00 for the modifications and inspection. The modification can be done at the Naval Exchange garage at West Ruislip. Ship your POV early so that it is here waiting for you when you get here. You need a car here and it would be very expensive to rent one. The sooner you get your car, the better.

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In no particular order, here are some bullet points that have made our stay that much more enjoyable.