Centurion 105Mm Equipt With Giant Viper Mine Clearance System. 


History W

Centurion 165Mm A.V.R.E On Operational Duty During Gulf 1   

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 The Wing was formed in 1961 from the U.K Independent Troop which was part of

'26 Armoured Engineer Squadron'

The Wings first Officer Commanding (O.C) was Major P.K.A Todd R.E.

Until the formation of the  R.E Wing, instructors carried out  all the Armoured Engineer training
within the unit  due to the R.A.C Armour Centre at Bovington not having the facilities to train crews on
 'Churchill variants'.
The first Engineer Armoured vehicles to be taught by the Wing were :
Centurion A.V.R.E 165mm   1961-1992
Centurion Bridge Layer   1961-1974
Centurion Ark   1961-1974

The R.E  Support Troop  was  set up in 1961 to  provide  vehicle and equipments husbandry in support
of the Wing. The Troop disbanded in 1998 to make way for civilian contractors to take on the work and release much needed troops back into the field Army.

Soon after the formation of the Wing instructors were sent to The Gunnery school at Lulworth to teach the Centurion 165mm demolition gun and then in 1982 the Centurion 105mm MBT.Also taught were the Giant Viper and C.V.R(T)  L37.After  losing the Centurion 165mm and 105mm A.V.R.E's post Gulf war in 1992 all instructors were removed from Lulworth in 1993.

In  1974  a Chieftain based vehicle was introduced to replace the Centurion Bridge layer.
The Chieftain Bridge layer was taught in the Wing from 1974 until the summer of 2006.
This vehicle has proven its worth in the many years it has been in service,most notably
the two Gulf wars.The vehicle was to be the catalyst for the breakout into Iraq in 2003.

1975 brought the introduction of the Spartan C.V.R(T) into the wing which is still in service and being taught to this day to potential unit instructors.Shortly afterwards the Combat Engineer Tractor entered service in 1977 and is being taught by the Wing to both Crew men and potential unit instructors.

During the 80's two vehicles came into service,the Centurion 105mm MBT in 1982 and the Willich
 A.V.R.E in 1987.The Willich was designed by a Royal Engineer who now serves as the SO2 in the Wing,
Capt (retd) D Clegg MBE. The vehicle was built by Armoured Engineers and the R,E,M,E in the German
town of Willich,hence the name. Both vehicles are no longer in service.

The Wing received the Vickers A.V.R.E in 1994 as a replacement for the Willich,it was still based on the Chieftain hull and remained in service until the summer of 2006 in which our first female Armoured Engineer completed and passed the last Chieftain based Armoured Engineer course to be run.

Finally in 2000 the V.L.S.M.S Shielder came into service giving the Wing a new feather in their cap
with a Vehicle Launched Scatterable Mine System which involved a new area of vehicle type
to be taught extending the Wings range out of Armoured Engineering.      

Trojan Undergoing Trials.