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Mobile Met. Unit

The Mobile Met. Unit (MMU), is a unit of Met Office observers, forecasters and engineer support staff who are commissioned as reserve officers in the Royal Air Force. They provide front-line meteorological support to our armed forces, and those of other nations in joint operations, on deployment throughout the world.

When deployed the MMU staff quickly establish a 'mini Met Office', using portable weather displays and information systems, to give aircrews the latest weather information in an area where this data is often sparse.

From early beginnings

By the end of the Second World War 90% of Meteorological Office staff were in uniform. By 1947 most of them were demobbed and the decision was made to retain 200 of them to form a rapid reaction team to provide meteorological information in crisis areas. This was the called the RAFVR Met. Branch.

The Met. Branch, from its conception, was designed to provide accurate, up-to-the- minute environmental information, alongside the RAF, wherever that may be.

In 1962 the Met. Branch became the Mobile Met. Unit. Today the MMU can call on around 50 men and women, who have all undergone meteorological training in parallel with officer selection procedures and reserve officer training. These sponsored reservists work as weather observers, forecasters and engineer support staff. They can serve full or part-time. Part-timers combine a day job in the Met Office with MMU deployments.

The MMU is based at RAF Scampton in Lincolnshire.

MMU office


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