land2 Major Headquarters . Land Command-Adjutant General-Northern Ireland - Cyprus.
DIV1 COL Divisions and Brigades . Divisions and their subordinate brigades.
ARMY AIR CORPS COL Arms & Services. Groupings of soldiers sharing a common area of specialist expertise.
QUEENS ROYAL LANCERS Regiments and Battalions. Often considered to be the most important units in the British Army.
sas Specialist Units .
A range of units from the Army Prosecuting Authority to the SAS.
itg Training establishments . Training Regiments, schools and colleges.
ald garr Garrisons. Geographical groupings from Aldershot to Brunei.

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National Army MuseumNational Army Museum.
Visit the National Army Museum and find out how Britain’s past has helped to shape our present and our future

Soldier Magazine Soldier Magazine. Award winning magazine of the British Army.
Garrison Radio Garrison Radio. The Army's own radio station, online and on FM.

Equipment and logistics vital to Afghan mission

Preparing the Desert Hawk for flight - Link to Afghan equipment story

15 Jun
: World-class equipment and top-rate logistics are playing a vital part in helping British troops bring stability to some of the most hostile parts of Afghanistan...

Man Vs Mountain DVDIn 1976 two British soldiers completed the first successful all military expedition to the summit of Everest. To celebrate this endeavour, the Army return 30 years later to conquer Everest once more. The plan: To tackle the peak via the treacherous 'West Ridge', a notoriously dangerous climb that has only been completed by 19 people.
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