Transport for you

Information for passengers

Quick links to information and advice to bus, rail and aviation passengers, from the DfT and other relevent websites.

11 November 2006

Information for parents, teachers and schools

Selected material on of use to schools and those teaching road safety to children. Includes learning materials, lesson plans, resource packs and guidance.

15 January 2004
Last update:
03 November 2005

Access for disabled people

The Department aims to improve transport provision for disabled people - whether as pedestrians, public and special transport users, or motorists - while also improving accessibility in public places.

Air travel

Information about aviation and air travel

Transport for you: roads and vehicles

Information about driving and road vehicles


Security information for all travellers

Local transport authority performance


Information on how transport is run and managed in London.

Ten things you didn't know about shipping

Shipping plays an important role in people's daily life.

02 November 2005

Transport Direct

The vision for Transport Direct is to provide a comprehensive, easy-to-use multi-modal travel information and ticketing service.